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cachorro roubando presente natal proximo a arvore


Christmas, the best time of year for many people and why not for pets? We are anxious to organize everything for the big party, to organize the Christmas decorations, to make a nice banquet for the Christmas dinner, we are happy to meet friends and family, but we must not forget that our four-legged friends also deserve special care this time. Curiosity is something natural in animals. They will want to know what is that tree full of little lights and ornaments that were not there the night before or what new ornament is that? So we need to take some care when choosing the Christmas decorations. Some materials can hurt, intoxicate and in more serious cases your pet may even need surgery! Here are some special precautions for this time of the year:

  • Avoid using ornaments that release materials easily, they can be toxic to your friend or cause digestive problems if ingested.
  • Avoid using ornaments made of glass, which break easily, your friend can get hurt.
  • Leave the blinker wires out of sight or fixed, to avoid shocks and other accidents.
  • At dinner time, provide adequate food for your little friend, many human food can harm the health of your pet.

And most importantly, do not forget the gift, after all it is also part of the family! BIOFARM wishes everyone Happy Holidays! Veterinarian Sabrina Nathália Louzada Nogueira.